Maro's Vegan Oven Baked Stuffed Vine Leaves

One of the classic Greek dishes you have to try. This particulary recipe uses a different cooking method to the traditional one, with exceptional results!

maro's vegan oven baked stuffed vine lea

Reacting to Wolters World's 10 Things That Shock Tourists In Greece

Another reaction video, this time about Greek culture rather than food.


Bakaliaros Me Patates (Cod With Potatoes) recipe

For those of you who love fish, this is a great recipe from the Greek island of Ikaria. 


Green Beans Lathera with Chicken recipe

This is one of the most popular Greek dishes in Greece and you can make it at home very easily with minimum effort.


Fakes Soup (Green Lentil Soup) recipe

Fakes is one of those dishes Greeks hate as children, but crave once they become adults! It's one of the most popular dishes in Greece and for a good reason: not only are they very nutricious but they taste great too!


Spicy Roasted Biftekia With Potatoes recipe

Bifteki (Biftekia in plural tense) translates to 'patty' (very similar to a burger patty) and is very popular in Greece. In this recipe the use of Boukovo (chilli flakes) gives a spicy 'hit' to the Biftekia.

biftekia website.jpg