Greekosophy's Courgette Balls recipe

Learn how to make one of the most popular mezes at our Greekosophy restaurant. Delicious, vegetarian and easy to make.


Bougatsa with filo pastry recipe

One of the most popular Greek desserts, Bougatsa with filo pastry (instead of the traditioal Bougatsa filo) is easy to make and equally delicious.


Feta cheese review - ASDA, Aldi, Lidl & Costco

A review of the Greek feta cheese you can buy in any UK supermarket. In this episode we review feta cheese from ASDA, Aldi, Lidl and Costco.

feta cheese

Greekosophy's Ekmek Kadaifi recipe

Ekmek Kadaifi was the most popular dessert at our Greekosophy restaurant in Liverpool. Many of you have been asking for the recipe, so here it is!


Amazing Greek vegan dishes to try

Ten amazing Greek vegan dishes you should definitely try, especially when you visit Greece.


Melomakarona - The most popular Greek Xmas cookies

A step-by-step guide on how to make these popular Greek Xmas cookies.


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