Pork & Leek Pie from Florina Recipe

A great Greek pie to make for your friends and family, using shortcrust pastry and Greek Graviera cheese. The recipe comes from the town of Florina, in northern Greece.

pork and leek pie from florina.jpg

Katerina's Beef Giouvetsi recipe

Giouvetsi is one of those dishes that Greeks eat regularly at home. This recipe comes from one of Greekosophy's very own family members, from the island of Crete.

beef giouvetsi.jpg

Reaction to "Big Fat Greek Salad" by Food Wishes

We have decided to do another reaction video, reviewing a very popular recipe video on Youtube called 'Big Fat Greek Salad' by Food Wishes.


Giouvetsi Tou Vorra Recipe

A recipe from the town of Kastoria, in the Macedonia region of Greece, which does not follow the usual ingredients or cooking method for Giouvetsi, but nevertheless creates an amazing dish!

giouvetsi tou vorra.jpg

Orange & Chocolate Marble Cake recipe

This is a delicious and addictive cake you can enjoy with your coffee or tea. The recipe comes from our very good friend Paris, from Big Fat Greek Baking.


Maro's Mizithropitakia

Mizithropitakia is one of the most traditional meze you can find in the island of Crete. There are many variations to this recipe, but in this video we use one from Greekosophy's very own mums!