Greeks try British snacks for the first time

Watch Greeks try British snacks for the very first time and reacting to some of the flavours they are not used to!

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Greek sausage you need to try

Xithato Loukaniko (Sausage with Vinegar) is one of the most traditional sausages you will find in the island of Crete, in Greece

xidato loukaniko.jpg

Toula's Salmon Souvlaki Recipe

A great recipe from a Greek family member of Greekosophy, this Salmon Souvlaki gives a great twist to the traditional Greek souvlaki.

toula's salmon souvlaki recipe.jpg

Katerina's Cretan Kid (Young Goat) Tsigariasto

Tsigariasto is a great example of the simplicity of Cretan cuisine. The quality of the meat is very important in this recipe, since you only use extra virgin olive oil, wine and freshly squeezed lemon juice to cook it.

cretan kid young goat tsigariasto.jpg

Striftopita With Spinach & Leek Recipe

If you're craving a pie and you need to have one, then this vegetarian Greek Striftopita (spiral pie) is the one to try! The recipe is from the town of Veria, in the Macedonia region of Greece, and uses loads of fresh ingredients, as well as two different types of Greek cheese (Feta and Graviera).

striftopita with spinach and leek recipe.jpg

George & Toula's BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe

Using Greek ingredients but influenced by Canadian cuisine, this is not your 100% traditional Greek recipe, but it's delicious nevertheless!

george and toula's bbq chicken wings