Bougatsa with filo pastry recipe

Bougatsa is one of the most traditional Greek pastries and the cause of much controversy between the north and south of Greece. You see, for the south there is only one type of Bougatsa, the one with a cream filling. For the north, Bougatsa is all about the filo pastry and the filling comes in many forms (cream, minced meat and other sweet or savory combinations).


In this video we're showing you how to make a ‘lazy’ southern Greek Bougatsa. We're calling it lazy because we are not going to show you how to make the traditional filo pastry for Bougatsa. This demands a well trained person, loads of space in your kitchen and a large marble top to work on. In this recipe we're using the usual filo pastry you can find in any supermarket. That way you can really have a delicious dessert in less than an hour.

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