Green Beans Lathera With Chicken Recipe

This is one of the most popular Greek meals in Greece and you can make it at home very easily with minimum effort. Fasolakia Lathera Me Kotopoulo (Green Beans Lathera With Chicken) is a meat version of the vegetarian dish Fasolakia Lathera. If you're vegetarian or vegan simply follow the same instructions but do not add the chicken.


Lathera, also spelled ladera, is a classic type of Greek dishes that grew out of simple ,peasant-style cooking. The Greek word for oil is lathi and these dishes are oil-based, thus the name which translates loosely to "with oil" or "oily." It goes without saying that in Greece 'oil' refers to olive oil.


Lathera dishes are almost always vegetarian, but like this particular dish, they can include meat. They are made up of one or more vegetables cooked in an olive oil-based sauce that often includes tomatoes, garlic, herbs, ​and spices. These dishes are still very much a staple of Greek cuisine in modern times.