Katerina's Cretan Kid (Young Goat) Tsigariasto

Tsigariasto is a great example of the simplicity of Cretan cuisine. Katerina, a member of our family, was cooking it during my trip to my family in Crete during Christmas and we made sure we captured every step and secret of this amazing Greek recipe.


This dish originates from Western Crete and specifically from the Sfakia region. It used to be cooked using Kri Kri (Capra Aegagrus Cretica), a type of wild goat only found in the island of Crete. However, Kri Kri is a protected species nowadays and therefore its hunting is banned.


Because of this, nowadays Tsigariasto is made using kid (young goat) or lamb. The quality of the meat is very important in this recipe, since you only use extra virgin olive oil, wine and freshly squeezed lemon juice to cook it. Kids and sheep graze the mountains and fields of Crete, which are full of herbs and greens, so their meat is tasty without the need to use herbs when cooking it.


We have not given you the exact measurements for each of the ingredients in this recipe because, as in most traditional and homemade recipes, how much or how little you use of each ingredient depends on the meat and your personal preference. So please watch the video in its entirety as Katerina is giving loads of advice on how to create an impressive Tsigariasto.