Frequently asked questions

Why don't you serve Hallumi cheese?

Hallumi is one of the most popular cheeses in the UK and nowadays you have to search really hard to find a place not to have Hallumi in one form or another in its menu. Greekosophy serves authentic Greek cuisine, rather than Cypriot cuisine. Since Hallumi comes from Cyprus, we do not include it in our menu. But fear not!!! What we do serve is Talagani cheese, which has become one of the most popular dishes at Greekosophy. Produced mainly in the north of Greece, fans of Hallumi have found a new favourite. Grilled and drizzled with petimezi (grape molasses), or as an extra on a Greek pita wrap, Talagani is the traditional Greek cheese to those who are looking for Hallumi.

Why don't you serve Hummus?

Despite popular belief, Hummus is not a Greek dip! It is a Middle Eastern dish. The only reason it has found its way in the menus of most Greek restaurants (but not Greekosophy's) is its popularity. Non including Hummus in our menu was a decision we took knowing fully well that some customers might be disappointed. But we would not be calling ourselves an authentic Greek restaurant if we did not serve only authentic Greek dishes.

What does an authentic Greek Salad contain?

Greek Salad (Horiatiki) features in the menu of many restaurants, not just Greek ones. But we get really frustrated when such a simple and tasty salad gets messed about resulting in something resembling nothing like a Horiatiki. In fact, we have seen Greek restaurants serve what they call a traditional Greek salad, that looks nothing like the sort. One of the easiest ways to find out whether a Greek restaurant does serve authentic Greek cuisine, is to order a Greek salad. If it has lettuce in it, run away!!! You see, a Greek salad DOES NOT HAVE NY LETTUCE. Adding lettuce to it is a simple cost-cutting exercise, to the detriment of the taste and authenticity. So, a traditional Greek salad should contain tomatoes (ideally beef tomatoes as they are more juicy), cucumbers, onions (red onions are preferable), green peppers, olives (not necessarily Kalamata ones), extra virgin Greek olive oil, Greek feta cheese (not the 'Greek style salad cheese' some supermarkets try to sell you), salt, pepper and oregano. For that extra authentic touch, you can add capers and (if you can find it) fresh, crunchy parslane.

How do I submit a question?

If you have a question to ask about Greekosophy, Greek food, Greek life in general, we would be more than happy to answer it. Simply email your question to