Fruits you must try when in Greece

If you visit Greece for the first time, get ready to eat some of the best fruit you have ever tasted in your life. Forget fruit that looks the same, shines from wax, or is covered in plastic. Get ready to have all your senses tantalised!

Prepare to try fruit that looks appetizing, smells fresh and fragrant, feels firm and ripe to the touch, tastes unbelievably good and sounds fulfilling and satisfying when you eat it. Greece produces a great variety of fruit throughout the seasons, but it is always best to try the seasonal fruit. No matter the season, we have you covered!!!!

It was a very difficult choice for us, but we have managed to agree on our favourite 10 fruits. The ones that remind us of Greece, the ones we miss a lot, the ones we put on our plate on the first day we return home.