Giouvetsi Tou Vorra Recipe

It requires a bit of effort, but this dish will be one of the best Greek meals you can and should make at home for your friends and family.


Giouvetsi is one of the most popular Greek traditional dishes. The usual recipe is an oven-baked dish made with orzo pasta and using beef or lamb. However, this particular recipe which comes from the town of Kastoria in the Macedonia region of Greece, uses pork, accompanied by potatoes, aubergines and Florina peppers. The dish is called 'Giouvetsi Tou Vorra' (Giouvetsi Of The North), due to the Kastoria's location in Northern Greece.


The end result is a dish full of flavour, which takes you on a journey of discovery thanks to the three different cooking methods used to make it (casserole cooking, frying and roasting).