Grandad Manolis' Cretan Lamb Antikristo Recipe

Cooking and enjoying Greek food with family is at the centre of Greek life and society. Greekosophy's Nandia had the pleassure of eating one of Crete's best known dishes, Lamb Antikristo, when she visited her family in Crete. Her dad was the chef on the day and Nandia made sure she filmed the occasion for all our followers and those who may want to try it at home.


Antikristo is a traditional Cretan method of roasting lamb or goat over a wire cage suspended over fire. The word 'antikristo' derives from the Greek word for 'opposite', as in opposite a fire. Antikristo must be sought out by those travelling to the island of Crete and wishing to sample its culinary delights. Made from lambs who are between 10 to 12 months old, the meat is usually cut into four large pieces and placed on metal skewers.