How you must spend your first summer day in Greece

Whether it's your first time in Greece or you are a regular visitor, make sure you leave your first day out of your plans. We have planned that day for you!


Summer holidays in Greece can leave lifelong memories. But very often visitors go where travel guides or travel agencies tell them to go. Others, afraid of trying something different, prefer to spend their holidays simply sunbathing and forget to blend in with the locals or experience a day as a local does.


Greeks love life and this video, apart from giving you a great start to your holidays, will also explain the life lessons your first day in Greece will give you. Experience Greek culture and Greece in a very easy and fun way.


Your travel to Greece may not be in the summer but this guide is equally useful at any season.

Follow these ten simple tasks on your first summer day in Greece, if you want to experience Greece like a local and return home with great memories and life lessons.