Maro's Koulourakia Me Sousami (Vegan Sesame Cookies)

Crunchy, delicious, vegan, easy to make Greek sesame cookies (Koulourakia me Sousami) for your coffee, the kids and the entire family.

Sesame cookies are very popular in Greece as they are a great accompaniment to a Greek coffee. In this video we present you a recipe from one of Greekosophy's very own mums, Maro Nikiforaki


The cookies are very easy to make, they are vegan, delicious, very crunchy and extremely addictive! You can make loads of them with just a few ingredients and they can last for two weeks or even more. We are certain that this is a Greek recipe you will keep to your heart and keep coming back to time and time again! This is another great Greek food you can make at home.