About Greekosophy

Imagine being a child and growing up in a Greek town where each neighbourhood had its butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer. Where a trip to buy fruit and veg would turn into a magical walk full of colours and the scent of fresh, ripen produce. Where a quick visit became a 15-minute chat with the shop owner, because he knew you and everyone else in the area in person and by their first name – and because of that he could point you towards the perfect cut of meat, fish, ingredients to make the required recipe. 

Imagine a visit to the grandparents turning into a tree-climbing game to pick up those delicious apples, those sweet oranges, those juiciest of mandarins, the deepest purple of cherries. Where helping grandma with cooking meant you got to sneakily try the new cheese she made, or the succulent olives she picked up from her olive grove, or the tastier tomatoes in the world she cultivated in her back yard.

Imagine getting the flu and drinking the most aromatic mountain tea your mum has made, from the dried herbs she picked up during one of her country walks. Or being told off for eating that ‘rubbish’ from a fast food restaurant. 

Those memories, and even more, from my childhood still stay with me. And when I moved to the UK back in the late 80s, as a teenager, they ensured I kept eating food made from fresh ingredients. Away from the ready-made meal alleys, the freezer and the chemically induced flavours. I remember when, on occasion, I would take a small container with leftovers to work for lunch. My colleagues would look and say ‘Healthy food. Good!’. I always smiled at that term. For me it was normal food, rather than healthy. 

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In 2017, with the help of some friends, I finally decided to bring those childhood memories of mine to my home away from home: Liverpool. Greekosophy was created in order to show our customers the Greek people's passion for life, whether this is through food, drink, music, arts, etc


We started our journey through food and drink (read "The story so far" series on our blog), but Greekosophy is here to educate people on everything Greek. Authentic Greek, original Greek, traditional Greek.

For me, it is a way of bringing back my childhood memories and seeing you experience first-hand what I experienced. For you, Greekosophy will be a platform where you can be 100% certain that everything we say, show, organise, advise, review is honest, fair and Greek!

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Stam (founder of Greekosophy)

From the Press


Laura Nicholson, Unlock Liverpool

"If you’re looking to step off the streets of Liverpool and dine in a traditional Greek haven with truly authentic tastes and cooking, combined with warm, friendly hospitality, fantastic wine and great value for money, then look no further than Greekosophy. Just arrive hungry."


TripAdvisor Reviewer

"The best thing to hit Liverpool"


Groupon Reviewer

“Greekosophy makes wonderful Greek food, and I think the quality is better than any other Greek (or Cypriot) restaurant in Liverpool. I feel authorised to make this statement because my father is Cypriot and my mother is Greek.”