Pork With Celery (Hirino Me Selino) Recipe

If celery is not on your list of favourite vegetables, this traditional Greek dish will change your mind forever! Once again, this is one of those Greek meals you can easily make at home and you will have family and friends reaching for seconds!


It is important to allow the meat to slowly cook until it is so tender you don't need a knife to cut it. The added bonus in this dish is the Avgolemono (egg & lemon) sauce, a very traditional Greek sauce, which uses the flavours the juices from the meat and the celery have gathered, to create a thick and delicious sauce.


If you don't eat pork you can use beef or lamb instead. It will be equally delicious. In Greece, celery is sold with its green leaves, so if you find celery with green leaves use them too. They are very tasty.