Greekosophy is changing

Since the closure of our Greekosophy restaurant and our food stall outside Anfield we have been receiving numerous messages of support and queries as to what happens next for Greekosophy.

It is therefore fitting that our very first blog post should inform all of you of our new plans, our new beginning. No words can describe our gratitude for all your support, but plenty of words can certainly build a picture of how excited we are of the things to come.

Obviously, right now everything has to be put at the back of the queue because the most important priority for everyone around the world is to stay safe and healthy. COVID-19 arrived suddenly, quickly messed up our lives and it will no doubt bring dramatic changes going forward. We hope everyone comes out of this crisis stronger, wiser, positive and above all healthy.

For the best part of the last five months we have been doing a great amount of soul searching, deep thinking, mistake learning and we are now almost ready to make the next step with Greekosophy. "Almost" because the time of the first step will depend on how soon life as we knew it will return to normal.

What our experience with the restaurant taught us is that you, our customers and friends, appreciated good food and drink and our passion for all things Greek. You were willing to trust us when it came to trying something new. Above all, we have proven that if you keep things authentic and traditional, rather than make changes to suit a non-Greek palate, not only customers would welcome this authenticity, but would want to know more about our homeland.

Greeks have a great passion for life: we love strong flavours in our food and drink; we laugh out loud and we cry even louder; we dance, we sing; we LIVE. The saying "dance as though no one is watching, love as though you've never been hurt, sing as though no one is listening and live every day as if it was your last" is certainly how Greeks live their lives.

And through Greekosophy we have already showed you one part, a very small part of this: food and drink. We tickled your taste buds with some flavours you might not have tried before. We tempted you into experiencing combinations you never thought you would have liked. We introduced you to some amazing Greek wines. We let you experience how a genuine hospitality feels like - the kind where you come across a genuine smile, you feel as if you're chatting with a friend.

So, what a better way to continue your 'education in all things Greek' than to bring you Greece to your screens, computers, mobile phones, tablets. Don't just think of food. Think of everything Greek:

We will introduce you to some amazing places in Greece, places you have never heard of, are away from the tourist maps and are as traditionally Greek as they come. We will, of course, present you with some of the well-known places too, but our mission is to make your next visit to Greece be a lot more interesting. Think of mountains, lakes, rivers, tiny islands, history, culture, and more food!!!

We will undertake the painstaking task of reviewing some of the best (and worst) Greek products you can buy in your country. From wines, beers, cheeses, honey and olive oil, all the way to soap, toiletries and everything in between. Rest assured that through our ever expanding waistlines, we intend to bring you nothing but the best on your table.

We will introduce you to Greek music. You most probably all know the theme to Zorba, but Greek music is a lot more than that. From the traditional music of specific geographical parts of Greece, to zeimbekiko, rebetiko, all the way to Greek musicians and composers whose music has inspired generations around the world.

We will recommend a number of Greek writers and poets, review their work, speak about them and, where possible, take a trip to the very places they grew up. If you've never heard of Greek cinema or have never seen the work of any of the well known Greek directors, this will be the place to begin!

And this is not all!! We will visit and speak to some award winning Greek wine, cheese, honey, olive oil Greek producers. We will take part and bring to you some of the most amazing Greek festivals, celebrations, customs. Not to mention that, further down the line, we will hold our very own online discussions/debates about various issues.

We are very excited and we very much look forward to starting our new journey. Until then, keep an eye on our social media pages and this website for any updates. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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