Spicy Roasted Biftekia With Potatoes recipe

If you like spicy food then this is one of the easiest and very traditional of Greek meals you can make at home. The recipe comes from the Epirus region in Northwestern Greece.


Bifteki (Biftekia in plural tense) translates to 'patty' (very similar to a burger patty) and is very popular in Greece. In this recipe the use of Boukovo (chilli flakes) gives a spicy 'hit' to the Biftekia. The northern regions of Greece do like spicy food and the use of chillies and other hot spices is very common in the cuisine of those regions.


You can cook a Bifteki in the oven, or on the grill or over charcoal fire and it's equally delicious. In this particular recipe we use another great Greek way of roasting potatoes to create a meal that is full of flavour. You can also save some of the mix and make meatballs or even burgers out of the it.