The best Greek spicy kebab recipe

If you love kebabs and spicy food, then this Spicy Kebab recipe is one of those Greek dishes you must try. It was one of the most popular meat options at our Greekosophy restaurant in Liverpool and was much loved inside a Greek pita at our Anfield pitch during Liverpool FC's matchdays.


This original recipe comes from a large category of recipes under the name Politiki Kouzina (cuisine of the city), which describes the urban gastronomy that was developed by the Greek population of Istanbul.


To fully experience the amazing flavours of this kebab, we reccomend you grill it on charcoal and serve it with Greek pita bread, tzatziki dip, tomatoes, onions, fresh parsley and a pinch of boukovo (chilli flakes). You can view the recipes of two of the most popular dips to accompany this kebab, tzatziki and paprika, below:

How to make the best tzatziki

Paprika dip recipe (from 8:34 of video)