Things you get wrong about Greek cuisine

The popularity of Greek food outside of Greece means that more and more people enjoy Greek dishes and want to learn more about Greek cuisine. This has created a number of misconceptions about what dishes are traditionally Greek or not.

Some of those misconceptions are a result of Greek restaurants outside of Greece trying to make a dish suit a specific palate. Others are influenced by celebrity chefs and media trying to add their own signature to an authentic recipe. There are also those that came about by chance but ended up being embedded in the 'myth' of what is Greek or not.

In this video we address ten of those misconceptions. Dishes that people thought were as Greek as it gets, but they're not. Products that 'shout' Greece, but not to the Greeks themselves. Ingredients that should or should not be in a particular dish. Facts and elements of Greek cuisine you may not know about. We show you ten things people usually get wrong about Greek cuisine and explain why this is.