Trying Greek tea for the first time - Sage, Dictamnus and Mountain Tea

Fellow Youtubers are trying Greek tea for the first time and give their opinion. Together with our very own reviewers, we are trying three traditional teas: Cretan Sage Tea by Vios, Cretan Dictamnus by Vios and Organic Greek Mountain Tea by HoMe Organics.


Sage Cretan Tea is made from dried leaves of Sage (Salvia officinalis), an indigenous herb of Crete.


Dictamnus Cretan Tea is made from dried leaves and flowers of the herb Origanum dictamnus, which is a herb that grows on the mountains of Crete. The name Dictamnus was given because the herb was collected in the Dikti mountain, in Crete. It is also called "eros", which means love, as ancient Greeks considered it to be the herb of love, youth and euphoria, because of the revitalization and invigoration it offers to the human body.


Greek mountain tea, also known as Shepherd’s Tea and ironwort, is a herbal tea made from the Sideritis plant. This particular organic mountain Tea is hand picked from the mountains of the Macedonia region in Greece, at a height of over 3000ft. Naturally caffeine free.

Vios Sage Cretan Tea and Vios Dictamnus Cretan Tea produced by AB Earth Flavors:


Organic Greek Mountain Tea produced by HoMe Organics: