Maro's Vegan Oven Baked Stuffed Vine Leaves

Dolmades, dolmadakia, ntolmades or ntolmadakia: no matter how you spell them, Greek stuffed vine leaves is one of those dishes you have to try when homemade. They are delicious, they are suitable for vegans (when they don't include minced meat) and they can be served as a meze, a starter or a main dish.


It is not an easy dish to make as it requires plenty of time and effort. But the result is more than rewarding!


This particularly recipe comes from one of Greekosophy's very own mums, Maro Nikiforaki, who lives in the island of Crete. Unlike the traditional cooking method for dolmades (cooked in a pan over low heat), Maro is baking them in the oven. You just have to taste them to believe how good they are!!!


A word of warning when it comes to Greek dolmades: the taste of the ones you get from a tin (which unfortunately are the ones most Greek restaurants outside of Greece will serve you) is nothing like the taste of home made ones. There is just no comparison. So we hope that with this video you will be able to make your own dolmadakia ('small dolmades") to impress your family and friends.