What Greeks find strange in the UK - Part 2

When someone visits a new country for the first time it is very normal to experience a culture shock: certain things they took as granted are unheard of in the new place; certain stereotypes are created or deleted; customs and traditions feel and look out of this world.


Each year, more than 3 million British visit Greece. And each and every one of them has a story to tell when they return to the UK. For some, this story will be full of adventure, new experiences and memorable moments. To others, it may be an unexpected education. To others still, it could be not what they were looking or hoping for.


But have you ever wondered what Greeks would find strange in their first visit to the UK? They do not have to be weird things or bad things, just strange. In this video Greekosophy gives you an additional 10 of the most common things Greeks find strange in the UK. They are things we tell our friends back in Greece. Things we find to be a culture shock or a new experience worth exploring. They can be funny, awkward and, at times, can lead to misunderstandings too!


It's all about Greek culture meeting the British culture. About the differences between Greek life and life in the UK. It's about seeing your country through a foreigner's eyes.

You can watch Part 1 here